Kisumu city is the third-largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa City which plays a key role in the western region block. It has affordable top places to visit while on a staycation. It is a Fish economic hub favored by the world’s largest tropical freshwater lake and second-largest freshwater lake after Lake Superior in North America.

Kisumu was ideally located on the shores of Lake Victoria at the cusp of the Winam Gulf, at the end of the caravan trail from Pemba, Mombasa, Malindi, and had the potential for connection to the whole of the Lake region by steamers. In July 1899, the first skeleton plan for Kisumu was prepared. This included landing places and wharves along the northern lakeshore, near the present-day Airport Road. Demarcations for Government buildings and retail shops were also included in the plan.

Kisumu is a Kenyan port city on Lake Victoria. It’s known for lakeside viewpoints at Dunga Hill Camp and Hippo Point. Attractions in the city include Kibuye Market, Oil Market, the Kisumu Museum, an impala sanctuary, a bird sanctuary, Hippo Point, Shopping malls, and the nearby Kit Mikayi and Ndere Island National Park.

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary shelters herds of impalas and zebras. Its animal orphanage is home to wildlife like cheetahs and baboons. The city’s Kisumu Museum displays artifacts related to the people of the Nyanza Province. Southwest, Ruma National Park has tall cliffs, roan antelope, and birdlife. 

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Among the affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya is the Impala sanctuary. It is located within Kisumu city, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, covering less than 1km square. The facility was gazetted in 1992. In March 2010, the sanctuary was branded as ‘a a lakeshore walk with impalas’. There is diversity in the number of animals, birdlife, and vegetation. Over 115 species of birds have been recorded. Presently, the sanctuary boasts of all the big five animals except for the elephant.

Affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya

A number of nature trail circuits are also available for clients. Annually, the sanctuary conducts the Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat Race event in November to help create awareness of wildlife, especially the endangered Sitatunga antelope. Apart from nature viewing and boat riding, the sanctuary is a key site for ecology and wildlife research and education.

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The Kisumu Museum is a museum located in Kisumu, Kenya. Its exhibits focus on the natural and cultural history of Western Kenya. It features a collection of local flora and fauna, as well as a traditional Luo homestead. The museum was opened in 1980

Affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya

Places to Visit in Kisumu


Kit-Mikayi — also spelled Kit Mikayi, Kitmikayi, and Kitmikaye — is a rock formation, about 120 m high situated about 29 km west of the town of Kisumu in western Kenya. It is about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road. The signboard is on the gate of Kit Mikayi primary school and the entrance is via N’gop-Ngeso primary school. Kit-mikayi means “the stone of the first woman”, or “stone of the first wife”, in Dholuo, the Luo language.

Affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya


Dunga Beach and Wetland are known for their unique eco-cultural attractions due to their biodiversity and culturally rich and diverse papyrus wetland ecosystem and local community respectively. Ecofinder Kenya has established Dunga Wetland Pedagogical Centre at Dunga Beach.

It is a grass-root-led intervention whose overarching cardinal goal is the empowerment of the Dunga Wetland Community and the improvement of the livelihood security of its people. Therefore, some of the main focuses in the center are promoting Eco-Cultural Tourism and facilitate the conservation of the Dunga Papyrus Wetland Ecosystem

Affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya

This Beach is mostly used as a tourism site for boat trips, Beach ecology schools. Most of the fishermen/fisherwomen dock here to sell their fish. It is also used by fishmongers to wash their fish at that specific place.

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Winam Gulf is a significant extension of northeastern Lake Victoria into western Kenya. Formerly known as Kavirondo Gulf, Nyanza Gulf, and Lake Nyanza Gulf, it is a shallow inlet and is connected to the main lake by Rusinga Channel, which is partly masked from the main body of the lake by islands.

Affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya

The port of Kisumu, Kenya’s third-largest city, stands on its northeastern shore. It has an average width of 25 km extends 64 km from Kisumu to the channel. Significant bays in the gulf include Naya Bay, Nyakach Bay, Osodo Bay, Kendu Bay, Homa Bay, Ruri Bay, Mirunda Bay, Asembo Bay, and Olambwe Bay. Islands in the gulf include Maboko, Rusinga, and Ndere Islands.

Top things to do in Kisumu


Lastly, among the affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya is Hippo Point is a 600 acres (240 ha) viewing area on Lake Victoria. Despite its name, it is better known as a viewing point for its unobstructed sunsets over the lake than for its occasional hippos. Hippo point is located near the village of Dunga, a few kilometers South West of the city. The village also has a fishing port and a camping site.

Affordable top places to visit in Kisumu Kenya

Kisumu city has so much more to offer including hotels, lodges, and campsites which shall tell you more in the next article. Social-cultural activities also help acknowledge the people living around the Lake region.

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