Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Lamu or Lamu Town is a small town on Lamu Island with atleast top 10 affordable places to visit in Lamu, as a part of the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya. It is situated about 341 kilometres by road northeast of Mombasa that ends at Mokowe Jetty. From the Mokowe Jetty, you cross the sea channel to reach Lamu Island.

Lamu Old Town is the oldest and with the best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, retaining its traditional functions. It is built in a coral stone and mangrove timber, the town is characterized by the simplicity of structural forms enriched by features such as inner courtyards, verandas, and elaborately carved wooden doors. Lamu has hosted major Muslim religious festivals since the 19th century, and has become a significant centre for the study of Islamic and Swahili cultures.

While in Lamu, you enjoy a lot of activities while interacting with the local communities. A travel company in Kenya will help you identify the best accommodation in Lamu and assist in all bookings for local guides, transport and entertainment.

Things to do in Lamu

Attractions in Lamu, Kenya

Lamu Museum |Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Lamu museum is located at the waterfront next to the town jetty, it is the second largest building in Lamu old Town after the Lamu Fort. The building was originally owned by Abdalla bin Hamed bin Siad Al-Busaid and its construction was completed in 1892.Inside, you are introduced to the region, both past and present. Also, it has a fascinating collection of the Swahili, Pokomo, Orma, Boni, and other hinterland tribes social cultural activities.

Lamu museum |Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Takwa Ruins

Takwa ruins is located at the Manda Island. These ruins remains of a thriving 16th century Swahili trading post and remain to be one of the major attractions of the Manda Islands.

Takwa ruins Lamu

Tusitiri dhow

Tusitiri dhow is based on the exotic island of Lamu, the Tusitiri Dhow Safari offers both domestic and foreign tourists an unusual sailing safari on a traditional Dhow. The Enasoit Tusitiri Dhow presents a rare luxurious and authentic way to explore and enjoy the Lamu archipelago.

The nights are spent under the stars on the deck, accompanied with delicious local food. You spend the nights on the white linen bedrolls under the stars while enjoying sumptuos meals. Usually, the food is made of fresh seafood and local produce, accompanied by excellent house wines, and served al fresco on the deck.

Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya|Tusitiri dhow Lamu

The fort of Shela|Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Nestled along the sand dunes of Shela Beach, its among the top 10 affordable places to visit in Lamu Kenya.

The Fort has been hailed as a monument to Omani architectural ingenuity. Built in 2001, the landmark is the epitome of privacy and seclusion. Its unique architecture occupies an unrivaled position overlooking the Indian Ocean on the deserted 14 kilometres beach.

Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya|Fort of Shela

Peaceful and tranquil in it’s setting, it is surrounded by natural dunes and breezy casuarinas. The Fort is an elegant and unique sanctuary offering privacy combined with personalized hospitality. It is extremely private and secure, and just a ten minute walk along the beach to Shela Village.

The Fort is constructed of local coral stone and is enclosed by an imposing 50-foot high sandstone wall with the Omani style heavy wooden entrance doors, decorated with iron studs, open onto the main floor of the property, where large arches surround the central courtyard. The living area, lower dining area and lounge look onto the aesthetic pool and the beautiful garden.

Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya|Fort shela tour Lamu

From the upstairs formal dining area, guests can enjoy spectacular views of the Indian Ocean as traditional dhows sail by while donkeys and camels cruise the beach. Looking out at the pristine Shela Beach one is reminded that time here has stopped.

The Fort comes with a full staff to take care of all of your needs and desires. We can arrange day excursions to Lamu Town, neighboring islands, as well as fishing, snorkeling and sailing trips.

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Shela Village

Shela village is located about two and half kilometers south of Lamu town, this peaceful fishing town is frequented by thousands of visitors annually to enjoy its 12km of golden sand flanked by sand dunes.

Shela village Lamu

The Dodori National Reserve

The dodori national reserve was established in 1976. It covers an approximate area of 877 square Kilometres. The reserve is famous for its large topi population, with different species of birds, elephants, gazelles, kudus, zebras, and green turtles. It is a perfect spot for game viewing and bird watching activities.

Kiunga National Marine Park

Kiunga Stretches about 60km along the coastline with coral reef and little islands, Kiunga Marine National Reserve lies in the confluence of the northern East Africa – coastal currents and the South flowing, nutrients rich Somali current. It adds up the top 10 affordable places to visit in Lamu Kenya.

The park is a famous habitat for the rare Dugong a marine fish that has a tail like mermaid (it is believed to be the source of the mermaid myth).

Kiunga national marine park is also the largest breeding grounds for the roseate terns and at least five types of turtle and nine types of mangrove species.

It is located on Kiwayu Island and accessed by dhow or by speedboat.

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Lamu Fort|Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

This massive multi-storied building with a central courtyard dates back to 1813, shortly after Lamu’s victory over Pate and Mombasa in the battle of Shela.

The Fort has served several purposes over the years from housing a garrison of Baluchi soldiers sent by the Sultan of Oman to serving as a prison from 1910 to 1984 before it was taken over by the National Museums of Kenya.

Top 10 Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya|Lamu fort tour

It houses three sections of exhibits, a marine section, freshwater, and terrestrial.

Lamu Fort majestically stands in the center of Lamu town so you won’t be able to miss it.

Kiwayu island|Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Kiwayu is a narrowed-strip of the beach island surrounded by reef. The island lies to the north of Lamu, Manda, and Pate islands and has long empty beaches with exquisite snorkeling just meters from the shore.

It has rolling dunes along the beach that give way to thicker vegetation, stands of palms, tropical citrus, and mango trees while its low-lying zone is covered in dense mangrove forests. The island’s ocean-side is “one of the most private and striking beaches in Kenya” and part of the Kiunga Park.

Kiwayu island tour package Lamu

Siyu fort|Affordable Places to Visit in Lamu Kenya

Siyu fort is the only town that built a fort of its own, unlike Mombasa and Lamu where the forts were put up by foreigners. Oral tradition indicate that the fort was built by one of Siyu’s leaders, Bwana Mataka, also known as Mohammed Ishaq bin Mbarak bin Mohammed bin Oman Famau in the 19th century to safeguard Siyu residents from Omani Arabs domination.
He also rebuilt much of the town including a fine stone mansion for himself, of which the remains are still to be seen.

Siyu fort lamu

This fort constructed of coral with a small mosque within it was gazette in 1958 as a “National monument”. Apart from the impressive fort, Siyu is host to the remains of magnificent tombs and mosques, while the present village is still known for its well-established leather craft, including sandals, belts, and stools.

Kipini wildlife and Botanical Conservancy

The conservancy is situated along the coast of Kenya, Kipini forest conservancy offers a unique mix of wilderness and a taste of the Kenyan coast. It was established in 2004. This 265Km2 forest reserve is an important habitat for rare and endangered trees and animals species whose coexistence creates a high aesthetic value to the ecosystem.

Kipini Wildlife tour Lamu

Terrestrial diversity endangered species of animals such as; Aders, Dukes, the cheetah, the intriguing African dog as well as the rare and endemic Tan A Red Colombus monkey are available in the gallery forst flanking the Tana River. In addition, there are elephants, African gerenuks, desert warthogs among others. 18% of large mammal species observed or expected in Kipini area alone are considered threatened.

While in Lamu you can explore more areas to fully appreciate the island as well as the inhabitants.

To visit Lamu from Nairobi, you can enjoy the trip via road, air or rail depending on your preference and convenience.

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