Ngare Ndare Forest

Laikipia is known to be the magical north with rich flora and fauna. It’s within the mountainous region of the Kenya’s tallest mountain as well as Aberdares ranges.  Among the tourists attraction sites include the famous Mt. Kenya National reserve, Lewa conservancy, Olpejeta and solio ranch. Nanyuki town is within the equator therefore favorable travel weather all year round.

Ngare Ndare is an exciting destination for road trip and trekking enthusiasts. It is located 244KM from Nairobi and in close proximity to other major towns such Meru, Isiolo, Nyeri, Nakuru and Nyahururu. The ecosystem towards Ngare Ndare is rich physical features that include rivers, deep valleys, wildlife, people, cultural and social activities. Notable activities include Agriculture, business, transport and hospitality.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by friendly tour guides who give a brief history of the indigenous forest as well as the most attractive features. Ngare Ndare is home to magnificent blue pools along the Mt.Kenya originating springs. The springs flow from the high areas forming shallow and deep pools downstream. According to the guides, many of the pools are restricted for swimming because of the mystery within. They are said to be very deep and un explored.

Nevertheless, there are romantic pools for love birds as well as rejuvenating pools favorable for swimming. The water is crystal clear with a healing effect due to the low temperatures visa a vie the environment.

The trek to the pools is worthwhile therefore fitness is a necessity. Along the way the armed guides will notify you of herds of elephants in the nearby bush or other small animals chilling under the canopies. It’s always advisable to stick within the group to cushion against any occurrence. Mostly, animals will resurface early in the morning or later in the day at the streams or pools. Campers have an edge to witness wildlife roaming freely in the expansive conservancy.

Another thrilling feature of Ngare Ndare forest is the canopy walk. It’s a steel built walk way spanning over 200m over trees. The swing effect is adrenaline packed with screams heard all over from the daring but fearful tourists. If lucky, you’ll be on alert when elephants approach to have an aerial view of the majestic and quiet moving jumbos. Infact, visitors fail to notice their presence when on the canopy trail.

A team building activity is always inviting at the open grounds when relaxing while enjoying lunch or snacks as you prepare to journey back. It’s a sight and sounds haven within budget.

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