The best world travel awards in 2022 Muscat, Oman crowned finalists in the travel and hospitality industry across the World. Africa emerged winners in;

“What a breathtaking event and what a truly memorable experience was had by our blue-chip audience. WTA had the privilege of recognizing the region’s leading lights as the industry marked its triumphant return in style. As stellar examples of tourism excellence, our winners have helped to once again raise the bar”.


“Nairobi is a pulsating city, rich in heritage but with a dynamic, forward-thinking business focus. And at its epicenter is the majestic KICC. I would like to put on record my heartfelt thanks to Nana Gecaga – the KICC’s superstar CEO and her fabulous team, as well as extend my gratitude to our generous Event Partners and Supporting Partners. I’ve been traveling the globe for the last 29 years heading up our annual Grand Tour of gala ceremonies. Tonight was amongst the very best I’ve had the privilege of leading. As the industry bounces back better and stronger, Kenya should take its place at the high table of world-class tourism destinations”. Graham cooke, founder of WTA

Kenya’s Leading destinations in Africa

In Africa, Kenya emerged winner in the following categories

Best leading tours travel destinations in Kenya

The world travel awards also ranked Kenya’s leading tours travel destinations as follows;

Learn 20 Things to do in Kenya

Kenya has the budget, standard, and luxury tours and travel establishments that make you feel at home irrespective of your budget.


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