Best Team Building Places Around Nairobi

Team building refers to the process of creating a sense of unity, collaboration, and trust among members of a team. It involves a variety of activities and exercises designed to enhance communication, improve cooperation, and strengthen relationships within a group.

The primary goal of team building is to foster a positive and productive work environment by encouraging individuals to work together effectively as a cohesive unit. Team building activities can take many forms, such as group exercises, problem-solving tasks, team outings, workshops, and training programs. These activities are often structured to promote specific outcomes, such as improving communication skills, developing leadership abilities, enhancing problem-solving capabilities, and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

By investing in team-building initiatives, organizations can create a cohesive and high-performing team that is better equipped to overcome challenges, innovate, and achieve common objectives.

Amongst the Best team-building places to visit includes:

Karura Forest


Karura Forest is a beautiful urban forest located in Nairobi, Kenya. This forest provides a serene and beautiful environment for team building. You can engage in activities such as nature walks, hiking, cycling, sports, and picnics. The forest also has a dedicated team-building area where you can participate in group exercises and games. It offers a tranquil and scenic environment that is ideal for team-building activities.

Burudani Adventure Park

Team Building

Burudani Adventure Park is an outdoor recreation center enclosed in a refreshing natural environment. A one-stop fun spot packed with adrenaline-rushing activities you will love. We organize customized and innovative activities for corporate and private clients based on elements of fun and cooperation. We design and develop programs both outdoor and indoor to suit client’s needs. We develop programs to integrate physical and mental challenges in outdoor settings. Whether you require a full-day, half-day program excursion, or simply just a couple of hours of fun, we offer a wide range of plans and activities to meet your needs.

Oak Place Hotel

Team Building

At Oak Place Hotel and Conference Centre, they offer the best packages in the hospitality industry! The center is highly suitable for accommodation, conferences, seminars, retreats, team building, weddings, and any other function you may be planning. The Oak Place Hotel is nestled amongst the private gardens of Ridgeways Nairobi; this natural setting is incorporated in the architecture of the center which consists of a series of colorful buildings interlinked by flowered gardens. The peaceful charm can be enjoyed by all, as well as the warm hospitality and pride in the excellence of service, which are the heart of the center.


Team Building

Carnivore is an open-air restaurant in the Langata suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. Carnivore’s specialty is meat and features an all-you-can-eat meat buffet.

The Carnivore focuses on its original mission of continually improving the quality and value of its services, developing excellent morale amongst its employees, and maintaining a superior level of social and environmental awareness. Besides dining, it has ample grounds for corporate events such as team building, seminars, and social activities beyond the office setting.

Nkasiri Adventure Park

Team Building

Nkasiri is a Maasai name that means “a hidden place where men meet to eat meat”. Nkasiri Adventure Park is located in Kajiado County, just past Kitengela town if driving from Nairobi. At the Acacia Junction OLA petrol station, you can turn off the tarmacked Namanga road onto murram road.

Nkasiri Adventure Park is one of Kenya’s most popular outdoor recreation destinations. The park is a one-of-a-kind venue for team building, extreme sports, and social gatherings. It is a popular location for high-ropes courses, cycling, and corporate team building. Aside from outdoor activities, the park offers one-of-a-kind lodging in the form of A-Frames camping pods.

Kereita forest

Team Building

At The Forest, you are guaranteed the highest standards of professionalism to assure you the safest and happiest of experiences. Their signature activity, Zip lining, operates to European Union EN safety standards and is tested and certificated by a UK inspector every year. You’ll receive expert tuition and instruction on all our activities and team building for groups will be tailored to your needs as shared with them on their pre-visit questionnaire.

Lukenya Hills

Team Building

Lukenya Hill is a prominent inselberg in the plains east of Nairobi that people have occupied for tens of thousands of years; it is 40 square kilometers in area, 40 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. It is among the many great sightseeing sites in Kenya, not far away from Nairobi city. This rock climbers’ paradise gives magnificent views of Mua Hills, Kapiti Plains and Konza Hills, Ngong Hills, Ol Donyo Sabuk, and Aberdares Mountains  

At Lukenya Hills you’ll engage in all manner of activities such as Rock climbing, hiking, adventure, and team building-related activities. The weather is conducive all year through hence a preferred destination near Nairobi.

Maanzoni Lodge Machakos

Team Building

Situated in the Tropical Savannah Grassland, in the heart of Lukenya, stands Maanzoni Lodge; only 40 minutes drive from the city center of Nairobi and 25 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Maanzoni is set on a 10000-acre ranch that boasts great vistas and games such as zebra, giraffe, eland, Swara, wildebeest, gazelle, and ostrich just to name a few.

It is an active Team building site with other leisure facilities that keep guests relaxed during their stay. Amongst the activities include nature walks, aerobics, conferences, seminars, leisure, and weddings.

Enashipai Resort Spa

Enashipai is a Maasai word meaning “A Place of Happiness!” It is located within the splendor of the Great Rift Valley and by the shores of Lake Naivasha. Enashipai Resort and Spa is a multi-award-winning leisure and conference destination offering authentic African hospitality focused on wellness. They pride themselves in curating unique and memorable experiences for their guests.

Besides leisure and conference, it is a suitable place for out-of-town team-building activities. The Safari triggers the exploration that is critical in duties execution and delivery.

Lerruat Log Resort

Team Building

Explore the natural beauty and simple joys you get when at Lerruat Log Resort. This lodge is located at Kumpa in Kajiado County. From all the corners of the lodge, be it at the restaurant, the bar, the cottages, or the lodge rooms, rest assured you will never miss their spectacular and breathtaking views of the rolling hills and valleys.

Whether you are going over for a business conference, family vacation, team building, group event or a romantic getaway, they have all the amenities to suit your budget and your heart’s desires. Lerruat Log Resort is open all year round, giving you an opportunity to experience every season in its natural beauty. Welcome!

Sawela Lodges Naivasha

Team Building

Sawela Lodges Naivasha is located in the heart of safari-staging country near Lake Naivasha, the lodge has much to offer those who are not heading out to the savannah. The hotel offers guests a variety of recreational activities to choose from: modern spa and sauna facilities; swimming pool for both adults and children; lawns so big there’s space for football; volleyball and netball pitches, a kids’ play area bicycles, boating, lawn racket ball, a guided nature walk, and the Sawela Trail, giving you the opportunity to recharge and reset during your stay.

This makes it the best out-of-town team-building facility for large teams because of its ample activity grounds backdropped by Lake Naivasha.

Ngong Hills

Team Building

If your team enjoys outdoor activities and hiking, Ngong Hills is a great option. Located just outside Nairobi, it offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes. we can organize a team hike or a trail run, promoting physical fitness and team bonding. Ngong Hills is a picturesque range of hills located just outside Nairobi, Kenya. It offers beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, and panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Ngong Hills is a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts. It features a network of trails that cater to different difficulty levels, allowing both beginners and experienced hikers to explore the hills. The trails wind through rolling grasslands, forests, and rocky terrains, providing an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the stunning views.

Beyond the excitement of finding a team-building facility that will fulfill the team’s expectations, also, remember to consider the preferences and fitness levels of your team members when choosing the activities. Additionally, it’s advisable to check the availability, opening hours, and any necessary permits or reservations required for specific venues or activities.

At Wakenya Watalii tours travel, we facilitate all your team-building requirements that enable the team to rejuvenate their co-working spirits all year through. We plan a team-building event and scout the most suitable venue, activities, and transport. Get in touch with us for successful events. Email booking@wakenyawataliitourstravel.com or call on 0796 50 18 67 or 0732 29 24 23.


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